Dino Discs was formed as a compilation of several great US based disc golf companies working together to make superior discs for kids.

ABC Discs

The late Dan Pastore was passionate about disc golf and children. Dan was one of the “good guys” in disc golf and gave it his all to make the world a better place. One of Dan’s goals in his original mission when forming ABC Discs was:

We have set goals intended for both the professional and recreational player. We want every boy and girl, man and woman throughout the globe to have the opportunity to try disc golf. -Dan Pastore #4320

The original five molds used for Dino Discs were all ABC molds of Dan’s designs. In ultra light weights, these molds make fantastic golf discs for beginners. ABC Discs was located out of Sycamore, Illinois.

Zing Polymers

Zing Polymer Formations, most commonly know as Zing Mini Discs, does the manufacturing for the ABC Mold Dino Discs. These discs are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Gateway Disc Sports

The Dino brand has also now partnered with Gateway Disc Sports to provide additional Dinosaur molds. Gateway Disc Sports is located in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs does the hot stamping and distribution for the Dino Discs brand. Dino Discs are available for sell here. Infinite Discs is located in Logan, Utah and ships disc golf products throughout the world.