Disc Golf for Kids: Making the Game fun with Dino Discs

Disc Golf for Kids: Making the Game Fun with Dino Discs

Dino Discs, with their range fun light weight discs specifically designed for kids, helps budding disc golfers grasp the game at a very young age. Made from colorful light weight plastic blends, these discs are both attractive and safe for little loose cannels.

Making Disc Golf Fun for Kids

Do you want to make disc golf an enjoyable activity for your kids? Start with selecting fun discs, like the ones offered by Dino Discs. Consider our fun dinosaur stamps, UV color change discs that change color in the sun, and glow-in-the-dark discs. The glow-in-the-dark discs offer an exciting twist to the game, allowing the fun to continue even after sunset.

Take Your Children on Age Appropriate Rounds

Keep the rounds short to maintain the kids’ interest and engagement. Children, with their short attention spans, can quickly lose interest if a game drags on for too long. You want them to remember disc golf as something fun and exciting, not something they need to endure so that they can get onto their usual playing activities.

Positive Vibes and Encouragement

Don’t forget to shower them with positive encouragement to boost their morale. Celebrate their good throws and cheer them on during their turns. And, why not reward them with a treat after completing a round? This will certainly create positive associations with disc golf. A small snack or a sticker can be a great incentive for them to finish a round and look forward to the next one.

DIY Disc Golf Course Set-Up

Two Kids playing backyard disc golfHow about setting up a DIY disc golf course in your own backyard? With a few affordable materials such as tomato cages and laundry baskets, you can create a fun and customized DIY frisbee golf course for your kids. You can place the goals in different areas of your yard, creating a unique layout for each round. This adds an element of surprise and keeps the game fresh and interesting, and keeps the course short enough for their limited throwing distances.

You can even incorporate obstacles to add excitement and creativity to the course. Maybe a swing set becomes a triple mando, or a sandbox becomes a hazard to avoid. If you find your family falling in love with the game, you might even consider investing in a portable disc golf basket for a more authentic experience. This could be a great gift for a child who has shown  interest in the sport and wants to feel like a real player.

Disc Golf Games and Activities for Children

Disc golf offers a plethora of engaging games and activities suitable for children. From target practice to creating mini-golf-like courses, the fun is limitless. Setting up a target practice session, where kids aim to hit a specific spot with their disc, can be a great way to hone their throwing skills. You can also teach kids how to keep score and track their progress, adding a mathematical element to the game.

For more serious players, consider encouraging their participation in disc golf leagues to improve skills and meet other young players. This can be a wonderful social experience and provide a platform for healthy competition. Watching professional disc golf tournaments or online content can also inspire a passion for the game. Seeing the pros in action can be a powerful motivator for kids to improve their own skills and aim for greatness.

Teaching Disc Golf to Kids

When it comes to teaching disc golf to kids, it’s best to start early. Use small discs or mini discs as toys and exercises for young kids. These mini discs can be used in simple games that help children develop basic throwing and catching skills. Introduce the rules and strategies gradually, adapting to the child’s age and skill level. You can start with the basic aim of getting the disc into the basket and slowly introduce concepts like par and different types of throws.

It’s also important to emphasize sportsmanship and etiquette, teaching kids to respect the course and other players. This can be as simple as reminding them to wait their turn or to stay quiet while others are throwing. And don’t forget to make learning fun with practice drills and games. A game of ‘HORSE’, where players take turns trying to repeat each other’s successful throws, can be a fun way to practice different shots and keep the learning process enjoyable.

Safety Considerations for Kids Playing Disc Golf

Safety should always be a top priority when kids play disc golf. Ensure they use appropriate discs for their age and skill level, like the lightweight options provided by Dino Discs. These discs are easy to grip and throw, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Teach them proper throwing techniques to minimize the risk of injuries. This includes showing them how to stand, how to grip the disc, and how to follow through after the throw. Little kids don’t do a very good job of throwing in turn, or throwing in the right direction they intend. It’s not uncommon for young children to throw in completely the wrong direction. For this reason light weight discs in soft plastic, like all Dino Discs, are perfect for young children.

Emphasize the importance of being aware of other players on the course and respecting their space. A stray disc can be a danger to unsuspecting players, so it’s important to teach kids to wait until the area is clear before they throw. Consider setting boundaries or designated areas for kids to play to ensure their safety. This not only keeps the game organized but also prevents kids from wandering off or getting in the way of other players.

Cultivating a Love for Disc Golf

Encouraging kids to develop their own love for disc golf should be a joyful process, not a forced one. Let them enjoy the game at their own pace and in their own way. Provide opportunities for them to watch professional disc golf tournaments or online content to inspire their passion for the game. Seeing their favorite players execute a perfect throw or make a difficult shot can fuel their excitement for the game and motivate them to practice more.

Highlight the benefits of physical activity, social interaction, and skill development that disc golf offers for kids. It’s not just about throwing discs; it’s also about staying active, making new friends, and learning to strategize and problem-solve. So, why not start your kid’s disc golf journey today?

Explore the range of lightweight and fun discs offered by Dino Discs. Be sure to follow our blog for more great tips for disc golf for kids. A world of fun and learning awaits!