What age “kids” are these discs designed for?

Dino discs are designed for small children that are unable to throw very far.  They perform best for people who throw golf discs less than 150 feet. In most instances they are appropriate for kids age10 and under, but it depends on the child. Some 12 year old’s will prefer a Dino Disc to a normal weight disc. Some nine year old’s will see increased performance with a heavier disc. Many women and senior citizens prefer the ultra light weight Dino Discs over traditional golf discs.

Why should I try Dino Discs?

The Ultra Light weight of Dino Discs allows kids to get the full flight path out of discs golf discs that can usually only be obtained with more power. In most cases, kids can get more distance with Dino Discs.

Not only are light weight Dino Discs easier for young children to throw, but they are also much safer. In our experience, little kids aren’t very good about waiting for the player “out” to throw next. They also don’t usually have the control that adults do, and it’s not uncommon to see kids throws that go sideways or even backwards.

What weight are these discs?

Dino discs are ultra light. They typically range between 110 and 140 grams.

Are there disadvantages of ultra light golf discs?

Yes. Ultra light weight discs are more affected by the wind than heavier discs. These discs generally do not perform well in windy conditions.

Do Dino Discs float in water?

Yes. They do float in water. Another advantage of playing with ultra light weight discs, unless of course that body of water is rapidly flowing.

Are these discs PDGA approved?

Dino Discs are technically NOT PDGA approved, however they meet all of the requirements to be PDGA approved. All of the molds used for Dino Discs manufactured by ABC and Gateway have been approved by the PDGA. The primary purpose of the PDGA approval process is to ensure that disc golf equipment is safe. Because Dino Discs are simply lighter versions of PDGA approved molds, these discs are actually even safer than approved golf discs.

Will Dino Discs ever be PDGA approved?

We don’t really see a purpose of paying the fee to the PDGA to get these discs approved. Most 6 year old’s don’t have the attention span to make it through a round of 9 holes of disc golf, let alone play in a slow moving structured sanctioned tournament. There is no PDGA police that determines what you can throw during your recreational rounds. If a young child is disciplined and good enough to play in sanctioned tournaments, then they have probably outgrown Dino Discs.

Where Can I buy Dino Discs?

Dino Discs are available at major disc golf retailers throughout the US. If you don’t have a local disc golf shop near you, buy Dino Discs online here: